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Tips on Buying Import Car Insurance

If you purchased an import car, you would have to drive it with a car insurance policy to rest assured that there is enough coverage should anything bad happen to your precious car while being in traffic or when have it parked on the driveway at your home place. There are many auto insurance companies advertising on TV and various classifieds for attracting customers telling how many others have joined their business. This can be also valid for you, but you should know that once considering buying car insurance for an import auto you would find it be more expensive than insuring a regular car.

To some of the import car owners this might not come as a surprise, as they must have gotten more information about this matter before purchasing the specific car. But since you read this article it means that you are looking for this information to find out how exactly you can obtain lower rates for your import car insurance policy.

The first thing that you should consider in this respect would be to equip your import car with more security features. Not all these cars have those security devices that American or European cars are equipped with.
Being also an auto with exotic design it can become a good target for thefts. Investing in these security options, you don’t have to think it as a large expenditure, but rather consider the benefits: you will have car protected against thefts and you will definitely be set with lower car insurance rates.You can consider adding the GPS system choosing Lojack or something of the sort, this fact will lower the car insurance premium as well. Anti-theft devices (choose from many alarm systems available on the market), ignition-shut off devices are also factors to influence the lower rates on the insurance policy.

Another possibility to get lower rates on your import car insurance coverage is to join with a group of import car owners. This group will always reach for negotiation on the policy costs and most of the times they succeed in finding the auto insurance company willing to offer a cheaper alternative, as this is also good for the insurers. The company will know that in this way they will have a constant flow of customers coming from this club, so they will take into account the alternative of offering lower rates to these customers. Is the same concept of a merchant selling its merchandise at wholesale price.

The Top 15 Car Detailing Secrets

Car Detailing Secrets

Here are some professional mobile car detailing secrets used by many:

  1. Use the two-bucket method, by using one bucket to hold your clean studs and another bucket to hold the clean water. Always make sure to dip the cleaning mitt into the clean studs and then rinse it off in the clean water bucket.
  2. As we are living in the microfiber revolution, professional detailers use the color-coded, task-specific microfiber cloths for greater efficiency, scratching and easier washing.
  3. Always wash and dry your vehicle and then apply the trim protectant. The trim protectant will repel the polish and wax; otherwise, it might stain your trim. Many professional detailers use the masking tape to protect the trim while being waxed; this can help save time and cleanup. Steam clean carpets and
  4. Apply wax and then use the buffer, use a dry cloth, preferably a soft one to remove it. This way, you can avoid burning the paint or damaging the coat of the car.
  5. The best idea to remove pet hair from your car carpets is by using static electricity. The static electricity will bring up the pet hair to the surface and can be easily removed using a hand or vacuum.
  6. Always use a stiff nylon brush to get rid of annoying bits on the carpets or get them steam cleaned for best results.. It can bring up the carpet fibers and helps to remove the bits using a vacuum.
  7. One of the best ways to feel the areas of dirt and dust is by using a plastic cover bag and run it over the surface of the car, without the risk of getting the fingerprints on the coat.
  8. A straightforward way to avoid unwanted smears is by winding down the windows to clean the top portion of the glass. You can make sure your car receives a professional clean by using this method.
  9. Make sure to wash your car when the bodywork is cool and should be out of direct sunlight. Water tends to evaporate faster on hot cars and can leave watermarks.
  10. Dress your tires as it contains silicone which can leave a mark in the bodywork when you wax it.
  11. Remember to clean the door, boot as dirt and water can gather and then spread over the clean exterior body.
  12. Use an absorbent microfibre cloth as it does not leave a mark on the paint and to help prevent water marks use a light misting of quick detailer.
  13. While cleaning your windows, you may find it hard to clean the exterior and interior of the window. To make it easier dry the exterior in one direction and interior on another direction.
  14. Purchase a dual action polisher which can easily handle any polishing anywhere on the car. It is perfect for ironing out areas and removing the layers of old wax.
  15. Using a Compressed air or high pressure cleaner can remove the muck, grime, and bacteria and gives your car a fresher smell.