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The Truth about Power

You have just taken ownership of your new 225kW BMW 335i. At the traffic lights a normal Mazda 6 MPS pulls up next to you. The petrol head that you are, you know every cars’ power output like you know your two times table. From the last car magazine you read you know this car pushes out 191Kw. You have a whole 34kW more so you figure out that you could smoke him and decide to take him on. Something just never went to plan as you struggled to shrug him off. You trying to understand why he kept up with you and the first thing that pops to mind is that this car must be modified although it was stock standard.

Well there could be various reasons why the MPS did so well but one of the reasons could be the actual power that was transferred to the wheels.

Most car manufacturers quote engine power. The engine is tested in the labs without any drivetrain attached to it. This is how it is historically done as it has the benefit of a controlled environment during test. Adding a drivetrain introduces various variables ie, gearbox, final drive and drive shafts and this is what lead RRI to investigate how much power is actually lost due to this for various car manufacturers.

Image result for 225kW BMW 335i

RRI, Rototest Research Institute is an organization based in Sweden that “performs advanced applied research and development aiming to contribute to the international knowledge base of measurable vehicle performance parameters.” They have tested over 500 cars so far to compare manufacturers quoted engine power versus the power that really matters at the end of the drivetrain to understand this subject better. Their results are quite surprising. For example the Mazda 6 MPS quoted engine performance is 191kW. When it was tested the power at the wheels was 196kW. It makes no sense because logically power is absorbed through the drivetrain so it should be less and not more. One reason is car engines with more performance at the wheels than stated in the engines can be due to marketing reasons quoting a lessor figure or the difficulty to control engine performance within small limits. This is a bonus for buyers though. On the other hand as for the BMW 335i’s case the power at the wheels is 210kW as apposed to the quoted power of 225kW. There are various discrepancies of up to 20% reduction of the quoted power for the actual power at the wheels for various manufacturers due to bad transmissions or manufacturers just cheating. Another example is the new Golf GT. The quoted power is 125 kW but the power at the wheels is actually 128 kW. Another bonus for the customer. On the other hand the new Audi S3’s quoted power is 195kW and their wheel power is 195kW which is spot on. However the Audi RS4’s quoted power is 308 kW but the actual power at the wheels is 257kW. This is a massive power loss which Audi will probably claim it is due to the fancy quattro system although the S3 is also quattro. So how do we really know what our cars are pushing out as it seems most car manufacturers just quote a random power figure for marketing purposes?

Cheap Car Insurance

Looking for a cheap car insurance plan policy? Then you have come to the appropriate spot. The car insurance plan provides you protection in the case of the happening like car accidents. It is similar to the plan policy. There are strict rules against the vehicles which don’t have the car plans. Thus it is essential for you to have insurance plan protect cover your vehicle.

The companies that provide cheap car insurance cover will also provide different kinds of discounts on the various car plans. You have to choose the plan among the large number of the policies that various organizations offer you. The charge of the payment of the car insurance policy will decide the cost of the auto insurance policy. The car insurance policy can also be bought online with the help of the internet. The internet is the easiest ways to buy the cheap car insurance policy. In the case of buying the plan online, it will help you to save the money that you would be spending on visiting various insurance organizations. Also, calling up all insurance firms and then getting the details for the policies that they have to offer will you will make you more confused and the process is almost impossible.

Image result for Cheap Car Insurance

The different ways by which you can get discounts on the car plans are the safe methods of driving and you should have good experience of driving. If you are not well experienced driver or if you don’t have proven track record of safe driving like for teenagers then you may find it very difficult to spot cheap prices for car insurance policy as inexperienced drivers are more prone to accidents. In case you are opting for the online insurance policy you can also make the payment of the auto insurance policy online with the help of the internet and then you can get the record of the auto insurance policy in the print format.

Five of the best from the Geneva Motor Show

The weird, the wild and the wonderful from the world of car design have all been on display at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. From uber-modern concepts and hybrid engines to revamps of traditional classics, motor enthusiasts from around the world have been wowed by the displays from the world’s finest manufacturers.

Prospective buyers in Geneva this year needed deep pockets to get their hands on the latest designs, not to mention a little help from the likes of moneysupermarket car insurance to get their dream car on the road!

Motor show Geneva

Motor show Geneva

Here’s a run down of some of our personal favourites from the show.

Volkswagen Bulli Concept

German manufacturer Volkswagen has breathed new life into a 62-year-old design with its revamp of the VW Bulli. Though yet to go into production, the prototypes of the new Bulli Concept impressed sufficiently in Geneva to put the issue beyond doubt and this deceptively spacious, all-electric motorhome-meets-MPV will most likely be on the road by 2012.

Powered by an electric motor that can cover a 186-mile range, this ‘Microbus’ carries six people at speeds of up to 87 mph, doing 0 to 60 in 11.5 seconds. Fans of VW’s classic retro vans and motorhomes will love the superbly stylish interiors of the Bulli, not to mention the expected £15,000 price tag.

Infiniti Etherea Concept

Toru Saito, the leader of Infinit’s Global Business Unit, said of his company’s latest model: “Etherea is about a new type of luxury for younger buyers.”

If younger drivers have got the financial clout to purchase this beautiful new coupe-sedan crossover, they are doing rather well for themselves! This luxury hatchback concept car is Infiniti’s smallest yet, at 4.4 metres long, but it features a full-length panoramic roof, curved C-pillars and a unique, petrol-electric drivetrain.

Infiniti VP Jim Wright said: “Ultimately, people buy cars for the way they look and if I could have the show car on sale today, I’d be very happy.”

Lamborghini Aventador

One of the headline launches of the Geneva Motor Show 2011 was the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. The manufacturer’s CEO Stephan Winkelmanncalled the car “a jump of two generations in terms of design and technology” and it’s staggering 700hp V12 engine give it the highest power-to-weight ratio of any car in its class. The design language is similar to its predecessors, the Reventon and the Sesto Elemento, but it packs more power in both its technology and its design, with the sweeping strokes that emphasise the front wheel arches intended to reflect a tensed muscle. Lamborghini’s trademark scissor doors complete this stunning new hypercar, which will be available in 13 exterior colours.

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept

The brand new two-seat roadster prototype from BMW is all about technology. The car is being used by BMW to test out new ideas in the realms of comfort, safety and infotainment, with feedback from drivers to be used to pave the way for the company’s future endeavours.

For the first time, drivers will be able to view information in a 3D heads-up display that appears directly in the line of sight, with satellite navigation displays and traffic information superimposed onto it when desired.

As for the car itself, it is packed with exciting features. The doors fold away, giving drivers the option to have them up or down, while the bodywork is ‘layered’ in its appearance and features an asymmetrical design. Should this future car make it into production, it could feature the BMW’s naturally aspirated inline-six engine, though the company is tight-lipped on that issue for now.

Saab PhoeniX Concept

Saab has launched the PhoeniX Concept with a promise that its ‘aeromotional’ design will influence a future batch of models. It has a teardrop-shaped profile and butterfly doors, with a glass canopy inspired that looks like something you’d be more likely to find on a fighter jet than a car.

It boasts an infotainment centre based on Google’s Android systemp, with internet access via an eight inch touchscreen, while under the attractively minimalistic hood is a 200bhp, 1.6-litre hybrid driveline.

Expect to see many of the concept’s features on the next Saab 9-3, for which the PhoeniX is something of a preview.

Tips on Buying Import Car Insurance

If you purchased an import car, you would have to drive it with a car insurance policy to rest assured that there is enough coverage should anything bad happen to your precious car while being in traffic or when have it parked on the driveway at your home place. There are many auto insurance companies advertising on TV and various classifieds for attracting customers telling how many others have joined their business. This can be also valid for you, but you should know that once considering buying car insurance for an import auto you would find it be more expensive than insuring a regular car.

To some of the import car owners this might not come as a surprise, as they must have gotten more information about this matter before purchasing the specific car. But since you read this article it means that you are looking for this information to find out how exactly you can obtain lower rates for your import car insurance policy.

The first thing that you should consider in this respect would be to equip your import car with more security features. Not all these cars have those security devices that American or European cars are equipped with.
Being also an auto with exotic design it can become a good target for thefts. Investing in these security options, you don’t have to think it as a large expenditure, but rather consider the benefits: you will have car protected against thefts and you will definitely be set with lower car insurance rates.You can consider adding the GPS system choosing Lojack or something of the sort, this fact will lower the car insurance premium as well. Anti-theft devices (choose from many alarm systems available on the market), ignition-shut off devices are also factors to influence the lower rates on the insurance policy.

Another possibility to get lower rates on your import car insurance coverage is to join with a group of import car owners. This group will always reach for negotiation on the policy costs and most of the times they succeed in finding the auto insurance company willing to offer a cheaper alternative, as this is also good for the insurers. The company will know that in this way they will have a constant flow of customers coming from this club, so they will take into account the alternative of offering lower rates to these customers. Is the same concept of a merchant selling its merchandise at wholesale price.

The Top 15 Car Detailing Secrets

Car Detailing Secrets

Here are some professional mobile car detailing secrets used by many:

  1. Use the two-bucket method, by using one bucket to hold your clean studs and another bucket to hold the clean water. Always make sure to dip the cleaning mitt into the clean studs and then rinse it off in the clean water bucket.
  2. As we are living in the microfiber revolution, professional detailers use the color-coded, task-specific microfiber cloths for greater efficiency, scratching and easier washing.
  3. Always wash and dry your vehicle and then apply the trim protectant. The trim protectant will repel the polish and wax; otherwise, it might stain your trim. Many professional detailers use the masking tape to protect the trim while being waxed; this can help save time and cleanup. Steam clean carpets and
  4. Apply wax and then use the buffer, use a dry cloth, preferably a soft one to remove it. This way, you can avoid burning the paint or damaging the coat of the car.
  5. The best idea to remove pet hair from your car carpets is by using static electricity. The static electricity will bring up the pet hair to the surface and can be easily removed using a hand or vacuum.
  6. Always use a stiff nylon brush to get rid of annoying bits on the carpets or get them steam cleaned for best results.. It can bring up the carpet fibers and helps to remove the bits using a vacuum.
  7. One of the best ways to feel the areas of dirt and dust is by using a plastic cover bag and run it over the surface of the car, without the risk of getting the fingerprints on the coat.
  8. A straightforward way to avoid unwanted smears is by winding down the windows to clean the top portion of the glass. You can make sure your car receives a professional clean by using this method.
  9. Make sure to wash your car when the bodywork is cool and should be out of direct sunlight. Water tends to evaporate faster on hot cars and can leave watermarks.
  10. Dress your tires as it contains silicone which can leave a mark in the bodywork when you wax it.
  11. Remember to clean the door, boot as dirt and water can gather and then spread over the clean exterior body.
  12. Use an absorbent microfibre cloth as it does not leave a mark on the paint and to help prevent water marks use a light misting of quick detailer.
  13. While cleaning your windows, you may find it hard to clean the exterior and interior of the window. To make it easier dry the exterior in one direction and interior on another direction.
  14. Purchase a dual action polisher which can easily handle any polishing anywhere on the car. It is perfect for ironing out areas and removing the layers of old wax.
  15. Using a Compressed air or high pressure cleaner can remove the muck, grime, and bacteria and gives your car a fresher smell.